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You know what’s kind of funny?  The fact that I’m writing this blog post to an audience, one that may or may not be there.  Such an interesting feeling this is… (sometimes my husband calls me out for talking like Yoda. Sad thing is that I don’t mean to; the sentence is actually formed like that in my head)
I would really love to tell you a little about my story.  Sometimes I forget that my life is a story.  Maybe it’s like when you’re growing your hair out, and you don’t really notice.  Then you see someone you haven’t seen for a really long time and they’re like “whoa! you’re hair is getting so long.” I think these two points go together in some Jill-yoda way of thinking.

Here we go on the story as of lately.  I am living in a new place. I feel like I’m not in Kansas any more……  But I was! Ha, I kind of gotcha there didn’t I? You thought it was some standard Wizard of Oz quote that everybody uses, BUT it actually applies to my life.  I grew up in Kansas, went to school in Kansas, married my hubby in Kansas, watched every single episode of Gilmore Girls in Kansas.  It’s kind of a cool place to me.  Side note: when I was away at summer camp back in the day, girls in my cabin used to ask me if we have electricity and if we rode in covered wagons to get around.  You know, there isn’t a ton in Kansas, but come on people!  The camp was in the Ozarks!  We had it better than there, just watch Winter’s Bone.

Now I’m in good ol’ North Carolina (insert southern drawl here).  This may be naiveté, but I did not realize North Carolina was considered part of the South.  What a shock I was in for.  The South is a whole other world.  It’s not a bad world, as much as I may poke fun at it sometimes.  There are many charming attributes about the city I’m in now…. like AWESOME food… EVERYWHERE… except for good smoothies and donuts I have discovered.

You know what this lovely city doesn’t have though?  JOBS… yeah… that is NOT a lovely attribute.  My story now includes having been unemployed for 6+ months.  This also was quite the shock to me. I had an awesome job, surrounded by awesome people, being challenged daily.  It was a gift; one that I can see in its fullness now. Sometimes when you’re in the muck of life it is so hard to see what good could possibly come of your situation, and to be honest I’m not quite out of the muck.  I’m searching for the good though, and I’m hoping that this blog will help me see more of that good everyday.

A very big thing about me is my personality. I am not so sure if it’ll come across in my posts; I’m not so much of a writer so I may not portray that very well. Here is my deep sharing moment of this letter to you: being unemployed is horrible.  It can bring you to your knees in pain and uncertainty, not only about your future but also about who you are.  Confession: I have issues in life involving insecurities, but since adulthood I have never doubted who I was as a person.  I always found confidence in my personality and found pride in being exactly who I am.  That was very much shaken in the last half of a year, but I cling to it.  HENCE…. the name of the blog.  That was a long winded way of explaining my blog, huh?  Here I will be Jill.  Here I will be confident in who I am even in the embarrassing stuff, because who doesn’t feel like an idiot sometimes, right?  Here I will be sincere, always.

If you read this whole thing, I’m impressed and thankful! I’m thinking the rest of the posts will be more lighthearted, but a super cool rock star photographer (Jackie Cooper) said this explanation would be a good introduction to who I am.  So stick around!  I’ve got some yummy recipes up my sleeve for the next post!




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