Surprise Engagement Party!!!
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This Katie and Brian… and as you could probably guess they are engaged! This is very exciting to me, because Katie was the very first friend I made here in North Carolina.

Here is how the story went: The Divinity school was hosting a pre-school pizza party for all the first year students and their significant others.  I was awkward.  I guess I don’t consider myself the dainty, quiet preacher’s wife type so I was afraid that I would stick out like a sore thumb.  I tried to lay low to prevent myself from being found out.  Josh and I found our seats, and low and behold this super cute, friendly girl sits next to me.  Katie was immediately a breathe of fresh air, and I think something like this was exchanged between us: “Hi, I’m Jill…. I need girlfriends… now.” Katie responds, ” OH MY GOSH, me, too!”  Bingo Bango… we’re friends. It was awesome.  Thank the Good Lord for Katie.

But this blog post is not about Katie and our friendship… it’s about her and  her sweet relationship with Brian, and the fun party Brian and I planned to surprise Katie.

 About a month and a half ago, Brian contacted me to help him pick out an engagement ring.  I’m always down for looking at and trying on jewelry so of course I agreed to help.  Oh the ring! It’s gorgeous; I’m obviously biased since I helped pick it out. From there he began to tell me his plan and asked if I would be able to throw this party after the proposal.  Something for me to be super detail-oriented about, bake for and make my friend happy…. I’m in.

So here are some pictures from the party.  I will have a post later this week about the decorations I used, how I made it or where I got it from.

Entrance to the party… the party was floral themed per Brian’s brilliant request.  He asked everyone to bring flowers since Katie loves flowers and the outdoors so much.

The dessert table…

There were Carrot Cake cupcakes and Lemon Strawberry cupcakes (recipes tomorrow).

Such a cute couple.

Side note: they were on their way out.  They don’t typically carry  around cupcakes and wine all the time.

Love you Katie Bird. I’m so happy for you and Brian.




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