Future Project!
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I am so excited to tell you about a project I’ll be taking on here in the next couple months with the talented and beautiful Krysta from Purple Pond.
I have decided to revamp my chair for my kitchen/dining room table.

Here are my chairs….

Here are the paint colors that I’ve been looking at.  I obviously want something colorful.

I have tons of blues, reds and greens in my house. I actually don’t have any yellow… I just love it.  It’s happy… and who doesn’t need happy in their house?

Honestly, I’m not exactly sure what I want for the fabric on the chair.  Here are some that I found that are pretty…

Ok all you wonderful readers… please, please… I’m begging you… especially you Mom, Kelly, Molly, and Krysta… Tell me what you like!!! Especially in regards to paint color.

I need some help; I’m an incredibly indecisive person.  I like so many things. I need a filter, and that filter is you!  Don’t you feel honored?!? I knew you would…



P.S.  There has been a lot of destruction and sadness in our world lately.  Let’s support the people who are helping out all those in crisis.  You can give a one time donation to American Red Cross, click here.


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