Friday Favorites
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Currently I am sitting at my kitchen table drinking my coffee and typing this post on my phone…. I cannot wait until I have the Internet again. Internet is my favorite. I love lamp… Anyway.
What I really want to share with you is some new favorite blogs I’ve come across. They range from home decor to baking to random insight.

Decor8 is the best home decor blog I’ve come across. The aesthetic of everything shared there is right up my alley. I always save looking at the posts from that day for last… so I can savory each tidbit.

Love, Julie and Cornflake Dreams are two blogs I’ve “met” through other blogs. It’s a small bloggy world (not really, there are so many out there). These ladies love to travel; Julie recently got back from a 3 week trip to Greece and Jillian has a trip planned for both Spain and Turkey this year! I’m not ridiculously jealous… not me. They both also have a beautiful eye for design. Check these ladies out.

The last blog I’d like to introduce you to is Keiko Lynn which a really fun style blog. You can tell that Keiko loves creating outfits. She is unique and fun; don’t expect the usual here. I think that’s one reason why I love her blog so much, she’s no cookie cutter dresser. She, too, has an affinity for bold lipstick… a girl after my own heart.

Well, All… I hope you have found some new places to foster your creative mind.

Have a happy day!




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