Miracle Mondays
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Today is Monday….. but you’re smart so you already knew that.
Monday typical isn’t the favorite day of the week, but what I gave you reason to love Mondays?

A few months ago I met an energetic spark of guy named Joey.  Joey is a Duke grad who was living the life in NYC when after a significant lose in his life realized that there was a bigger calling for him.  He moved back to NC and started Miracle Mondays.

Miracle Mondays is a non-profit “who infuses children’s hospitals with color/music/art/poetry/games/fun.”

The action plan is simple. Donate $1. Every Monday.  This simple gesture will impact the lives of the patients and their families.  It will make you feel good.  It will make you love Mondays.

Take a minute to visit the Miracle Mondays website.  It explains further why color/music/art/poetry/games/fun are so important to these kids and how you can get involved. Please, feel free to spread the word about this great charity!

Happy Monday Everybody!




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