All Gone!
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That’s right. The hair is all gone!

I went from this….

and this….

to this!

I just love it!

One, I feel very chic, and two, it only takes like 1 minute to fix my hair. I would call that a win, win.

A big thanks to Krysta for documenting the haircut, and an even bigger thanks to Pilar for taking wonderful pictures of the big change!

And you know what, I’m going to knock another item off my 101 List.  I think this counts for “Do(ing) something that takes a lot of courage.” Don’t you think?

Have a Happy Monday!



  1. omg congrats!! your hair looks fantastic! xo

  2. you are beautiful.

  3. Emily I.

    You wear it so well Jill! And yes, I agree that counts as doing something that takes a lot of courage to do.Also- that necklace is super-cool!

  4. Holy smokes – you look amazing!! I wish so badly that i could pull of the pixie look!!!!!!! Congrats!!

  5. Wow – looks amazing girl! 🙂 Smokin HOT!xoxo from Trinidad

  6. Molly Luton

    Looks great Jilly….so does that necklace…..word on the street is that some really hot chick got that for ya…

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