Mustache for All!!!
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There once was a boy named Taylor,
Who grew out his beard like the Savior.

It grew out and out, and I had to shout:

Taylor, shave that damn thing… you look ridiculous!

What… did you expect it to rhyme? Ha! I kill myself…

Meet my friend Taylor.  He is partial to having facial hair.

This summer (as you can see) he grew out his beard until it was practically a foot long.  It was poofy; it was gross. I threatened to shave it.

Thankfully, most of the time Taylor is very nicely groomed.  Every time he throws a party though, probably a bit by the persuasion of his girlfriend, he rocks the mustache.   Naturally, his birthday party was no different.

I already knew that I was going to make him his favorite cake, Guinness Chocolate  Cake with Nutella Buttercream, but I wanted to make it a little more special.

Enter the Mustache Cake. If you can make a layer cake, you can make this Mustache Cake.

I was inspired by the cake I found from the blog Paisley Jade.

Here is how I did it:

  1. I made 4 round cakes using this recipe, doubled. Leveled them off, and then stacked them with a layer of buttercream (recipe on the same page as the cake) between each just like a regular layer cake.
  2. I took one of my cake pans and traced its diameter on a piece of paper. I then played around making an “S” shape down the middle of the circle until I found what I thought looked good and equal. FYI: you will flip one of the halves of the “S” shape to make the mustache.
  3. I used my paper cut out as a guide to cut down the middle of the cake and then very, very carefully flipped one of the halves.
  4. I then put the two halves onto a huge cutting board in the shape of the mustache I liked best (you can make a ton of different looking mustaches based on how you place them, so have fun).
  5. Frost away! It’ll take a bit more time because you won’t be working with your typical shape.

Unfortunately, my husband felt inspired to rock the mustache as well… not his best look…. but I love him anyway.



P.S. Happy Birthday (tomorrow) Taylor!!!

  1. I love this…and so will my mustached husband. I have some mustache cookie cutters but never thought of a cake! Thanks for sharing!

  2. this. cake. is. so. good.

  3. That cake is adorable! I may have to make that for Adam for his upcoming 28th bday bash! 🙂

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