Isla Rose – Month 3
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My Little Love,

You are now 3 months old, and man oh man was it a whirlwind of a month for all of us. We had huge family decisions to make, lots of traveling, and you just kept growing and developing which has brought me joy in ways I never expected.

Just after your 2nd month, you turned a corner girl. You went from being on the fussy-end to smiley and chatty. Everyone said this day would come, but I was thrilled beyond thrilled for you and me both when it did. Happy baby, happy momma, happy life.

You go through these weeks where you are a roly-poly queen. If you’re on your tummy, you’re rolling over like it ain’t no thang. And then nothing, you won’t roll over for a good long time. I chalk it up to you growing, and I’m not worried about it in the least.

I really look forward to our morning chats. Something about a nice long sleep mixed with a nice long eat makes you a chatty Cathy. And if I have Nana on speakerphone, you want to join the conversation. It warms my heart.

You also now love mirrors, swatting at your toys, starring at and munching on your hands, and having us read books to you. Another precious new thing is this little march you do. If we hold you up with your feet on the ground, you march, march, march. The first time it happened it was more of a heel tap dance, which made your dad and I crack up (which was needed on our unexpected 6+ hour layover in Chicago).

In just one month, you were here in Kansas, Oklahoma, Florida and North Carolina. And I have to say, I hope to not travel like that again in a long time. Not because you did poorly, you were a champ. It did however wear me out (I got sick, bummer, and then you got sick, double bummer), and it messed with your practically flawless sleep routine (dang it).  For you to celebrate Christmas with both families, meet your great-grandparents, dip your precious toes in the sand and surf, and meet all of your extended “aunts” and “uncles” makes it worth it.

While everyday has its own special challenge, everyday with you is the biggest blessing in my life.

I love you Little Love.


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