a Floral fête
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I am so pleased to be partnering with B. Young Salon for April’s Final Friday. I will be showcasing my floral photography in “a Floral fête.” From the bright and graphic to the soft and delicate, come enjoy a fresh and modern take on floral photography. There will be some yummy bubbly drinks, Coachella-esque music, and divine company. Artwork will be available for purchase.

I hope to see you there!


A Floral Study – Part 2A
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A few weeks ago, I bought an arrangement of flowers from a local shop here in town called Plaid Giraffe. I was so excited to see different types of flowers than your typical roses, tulips and daisies (not that there is anything wrong with those flowers, carnations on the other hand…). I had them use anemones and one ginormous ranunculus. It was such a sweet, delicate bouquet.

I decided when I was photographing these flowers I wanted to take a different approach in my shooting style. Experiment if you will. Wow is that freeing! Why don’t I do this more often with my photography?

I loved what I came up with, but I noticed that what I saw a big difference in what I appreciated in my color verses my B&W images. Today I want to share with you my moody B&W shots.


A Floral Study – Part 1
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Flowers have always been a powerful subject to me in the world of art. Monet’s Water Lilies and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers come to mind. Color and movement work together with distinctive form and in many times extreme delicacy.

Ever since I was a young girl flowers were my doodle of choice, so it only makes sense that I eventually would want to try to capture that beauty by means of photography. I’ve dabbled in the past and truly enjoyed the process. This year I’m making a conscious effort to do a floral study at least every month.

My first go focused purely on Garden Roses. They’re graceful, layered, imperfect, and are one of my favorite flowers (I have many). So here is my first Floral Study. I hope you enjoy.