• Do you do minis?

    Very occasionally, and only if advertised. The thing is that my shooting style does not thrive in short periods of time. Adults and children need time to get comfortable in front of the camera, and that just can't be rushed.

  • What is your shooting style?

    I'm primarily lifestyle photography, but I still love classic portraiture as well. This means about 10% of the shoot will be the classic "everyone look at the camera and smile" and 90% is having you all interact and enjoy each others company. Very casual. Very fun. Very interactive.

  • What area is your focus in photography?

    I've done everything from commercial food photography, weddings, engagements, elopements.... I just love photography period. Right now, I primarily shoot family and newborns, but I'm always open to new creative adventures.

  • What should I wear?!

    I get this one a lot! Something you feel comfortable in is key! Coordinated outfits are better than matchy matchy in my personal opinion. Think layers, complimentary colors, patterns that jive, etc. If you have further questions, shoot me a note. I bet you almost anything we can find something in your closet, or we can pick things totally new instead. Either way, we'll get you feeling confident.