Isla Rose – Month 10
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My Darling Girl,

A little late, but better than never… let me tell you about your last month.

You are such a busy girl (so much so that I had put you in a basket to try to take your picture)! Let’s climb the stairs, open and close some books, pull up on this, pull up on that, clap our hands, eat whatever Mom and Dad are eating, say “Dada,” etc. and repeat. You are always going and doing something. This isn’t terribly surprising or particularly new, but since you can do so much more I feel like you’re the energizer bunny at times.

A cute (for now) thing that you just started doing is shaking your head “no”. At first I thought it just happened to occur at well timed situations, but it only took me a day or two to realize you know exactly what you’re doing. Let’s change your diaper… *insert head shake, while crawling away.* Do you want some water….*insert head shake, pushing the cup away.* Give me a high five?… *insert head shake, with a big goofy smile.* Which of course only made me realize that I probably shake my head a little too often.

You can mark off another state on your list: South Carolina. While we saw less of the state and more of the pool, it was a nice trip nonetheless. You also got to see a bunch of your “aunties” and “uncles” as well as the adorable 14 month old Amelia Jane. Seeing you two play together was almost too much precious one room could hold. But the best part of our trip was how attached you got to your Daddy. You two are the bestest of best buds, and my heart explodes now whenever he walks into the room and you emphatically crawl-run to him with the biggest of smiles on your face.

You really are such a great baby girl, but when you get your mind set on doing or not doing something you let the world know. You’re not shy in sharing your feelings on a situation. If you want to eat, we will know it.  If you want to be held, we will know it. If you want something in particular, we will know it. If the babysitter shows up and you are not pleased, we will know it. If you get your mind set on doing anything, we can try to distract you but you are persistent.

One really big change for you was your interest in food. *Tangent: I always say “one day you…” as if that should be surprising, but if anything the last 10 months have taught me is that you (and probably most babies) really do change overnight.* But one day you decided that food is awesome and that you want ALL OF IT. You went from us begging and pleading for you to eat maybe 2 ounces of food before bed to wanting to eat 4 ounces breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some days it seems like no amount of food is enough for you.

In true Uncle Taylor fashion, he asked me what’s the best part of being a mom. It’s almost an impossible question to answer, because if I wanted to be specific the answer would change everyday… and I don’t think there is a word that exists that fully encapsulates it as a whole. Being your mom is greater than I would have ever guessed. I will never tire of you crawling into my lap just to cuddle, your sweet little cackle-giggle when you think something is funny or when I ask you for kisses and you lean in with a big open mouth smile.

I love you to the moon and back,















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