Isla Rose – Month 9
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Isla9-6My Darling Girl,

Our days look mostly the same with some new elements sprinkled in. You are incredibly proficient at crawling and have even started to pull up on short things, namely my lap. You still love to play with all your books and eating solids is still very hot and cold.

You visited two more state (Missouri and California). Thank God for your dad and I that you travel WELL. In the most disastrous trip to date, you were an absolute angel. Thank you for that. Truly. We had no less than five people comment on what a great baby you are, and they are so right. You deserve a metal for somehow sleeping through the 30 minutes of the plane ride where the fire alarm (that we were sitting right next to) couldn’t be turned off.

You’re very chatty with a wide range of your own cute vocabulary. Some personal favorites are “lurdy, lurdy, lurdy” which reminds me of the Chef from the Muppets, and “bob, bob, bob” which happens to be your Granddad’s name.

You absolutely love water. Whether the pool or bath time it doesn’t matter, as long as you can splash and play you’re enjoying yourself. Hats and sunscreen still aren’t your favorite though.

Biggest accomplishment for the month (heck, for the last 9 months)? SLEEPING THROUGH THE DING DANG NIGHT! *insert the Hallelujah Chorus* Oh divine sleep, I’ve missed you.

You’re such a Momma’s girl, but I think that’s partly to do with those first teeth coming in…. and because of my general awesomeness. *wink* You cling to Mom like it’s going out of style, but oh sweet girl, how your eyes light up when Daddy comes home from work.

I remember a friend of mine making a comment on how being a stay at home mom is like having a friend to hang out with all day. I have to agree. Don’t get me wrong, some days are ROUGH and when Dad gets home I need a break. But life these days are fun. You’re goofy, curious, and so sweet. Being your Mom continues to show me how beautiful life can be and how to find the joy in simply living life.

I can’t wait to see what this next month brings.

Love Always,











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