Isla Rose: Months 5-8
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My Darling Girl,

It’s hard to believe that is has been 4 months since the last time I sat down to write to you. I could easily explain to you why it’s been so long, but I don’t really think it matters in the long run.

I’m kind of sad I didn’t write this all down, because many of the memories from the past four months have blended together.



You went from little yoga, foot-clapping baby, to roly-poly queen, to crawling.

From your first full-out belly laugh to saying what sounds quite a bit like “mama.”

You ate your first “solid” foods (avocado) and showed use your full range of emotions: excited, confused, happy, and disgusted.



You had many the dance parties with your dad.

You were baptized attended by close family and friends.

You traveled to Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, and Kentucky.


Isla8-10You started sleeping better, than worse, than better, than worse…

You stuck your toes in the ocean again and weren’t quite sure if you liked it.

You got in the pool and loved every second of it.


You’ve played more games of peekaboo than anyone really needs to play in a lifetime.

You have shown me that you are going to have a BIG personality, and I love that.

In many ways, you are still the same baby at 8 months that you were at 4 months, and in many ways you are not. Watching you grow and morph into the little person you are has been more of a thrill than I could have ever expected. I love to watch old videos of you just to see how far you’ve come.

I love you so much Little Sweetie. Keep growing… but not too fast.




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