A Letter to My Girls – November 2016

Dear Girls,

We are still trying to figure out this whole family of four thing, and mom is having a hard time adjusting. There really isn’t anything quite like a newborn to bring out all of my less desirable qualities, but fortunately for me you won’t remember it. I’m feeling guilty because I can’t completely give all my attention to either one of you and I want to desperately. I’ve never been a great multitasker (a common female trait that I missed out on).

Poppy, you’ve been so uncomfortable in this world. Whether it’s “colic,” reflux, or overstimulation, you and sleep haven’t mix easily. Sometimes it feels like we do everything but a rain dance to get you to sleep. Fortunately, in the last week you’ve been doing much better, and you’ve been so much happier. It’s hard to tell since you’re only 2 months old, but you feel like a very gentle spirit to me. You’re very smiley, and you have the softest little voice. It immediately melts away all the frustration I may be harboring. You love to cuddle, and you’re face immediately lights up when we start our chats. I think you would prefer to live life in my arms right now which is very sweet but can be a little tiring and unrealistic. It’s funny how even though you look identical to Isla as a baby, you’ve already carved your own notch into my heart.

You are continuing to grow like a weed… 12lbs 11oz and 22.25 inches long. You’ve graduated to size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothing. It blows my mind because you very much still feel like my newborn baby girl fresh from the hospital. I’m 99.99% sure you’re our last baby so I’m trying to savor these times, because you’ve already blindsided me with how fast you’ve grown just in 2 months.

Isla, what can I say about you girl? You are the apple of my eye (Poppy, you are too… I just get to interact more with Isla now). For the most part you’re the same feisty, sweet, and smart girl you were last month, but you have been using the potty on and off which is a pretty big deal. This is also the first Halloween you participated in. You were a cake, and you were so dang cute. You were very apprehensive of the whole trick or treating experience, but you got the hang of it in no time.

We went on a mommy daughter date to see Mary Poppins the musical. I was floored by how well you did at the show! You sat on my armrest and watched the whole thing, only asking “where’s Poppins?” if Mary Poppins wasn’t on stage or gasping in awe at the actors flying across the stage. That night will go down in the books as a favorite. Getting to share something I love with you and you loving it just as much… words can’t fully explain how special that night was for me. Totally worth you staying up 2 hours past your bedtime.

You’ve also been processing daily occurrences more and more… point A to point B to point C. It’s fascinating and awesome seeing you grow. Sometimes you flat out floor me by what you already know and understand. I need to start writing those moments down, because while they aren’t monumental they’re very special. I’m just so proud of you, and I can’t wait to see you conquer the world.

Your current obsessions are The Polar Express, Mary Poppins, dancing, grapes, coloring, and the color purple. On a side note, I asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up. I start listing off occupations (doctor, president, teacher, businesswoman, etc), and when I got to “Mommy” you beamed and said “yeah, I wanna be Mommy.” Raising a toddler is hard because a lot of the time you feel invisible except when someone is mad at you or needs something. But the way you said you wanted to be a mommy, it allowed me a glimpse into how you see me and love me. Lord knows I need that occasionally. I proceeded to tell you “why don’t you be a mommy and the president?” Girl, you can.

Well girls, in the spirit of Thanksgiving I think I’ll wrap this letter up with telling you how grateful I am to be your mom. It sounds simple, but it’s so so big.



View More: http://jillnicole.pass.us/poppymonth2




View More: http://jillnicole.pass.us/poppymonth2


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