A Letters to My Girls – January 2017

My Darling Girls,

Momma is starting feel like she’s in a much better place now a days. Between some therapy, exercise, deep breaths, 2 wonderful babysitters, and a mantra for this new year (“Let it go”) sailing is at least a little bit smoother. Never underestimate the power of deep breathing girls. It can get you through a lot of challenging circumstances. Also, having your mantra be a well known Disney song doesn’t hurt either. Singing and dramatic arm motions have quite the de-stressing effect. I also got the chance to flex my creative muscle at an all day photo shoot for an ad agency. It was so nice to have a sense of accomplishment outside the home. You both are wonderful, but I’m also more than just a mom. It was nice to feel that.

Poppy June,

You are the cutest little chunk nugget! You know you have a chunk nugget when you can play peekaboo behind your baby’s thighs (which you love). You and sleep are not friends right now, but you and your toes are. You found those suckers last week, and you’ve gone from just barely grabbing a toe to grabbing both and trying to get them in your mouth. Then just yesterday you figured out how to roll from you back to your belly. Today you were rocking and rolling like you mastered the skill weeks ago! You’ve started to laugh a little too which is among the best things in life. For the most part you’re just a happy, mostly easy going babe. You’ll need to pump the breaks on growing girl because I don’t know if I’ll be able to carry you in your car seat much longer. At your 4 month check up you were 14lbs 12oz and 24.5 inches long. And unfortunately we’ve been trying to fight off a yeast infection for the better part of the last month. Sorry sweet girl. While I’m grateful you don’t have any serious medical issues, you do constantly have something going on with your health. 

Your favorite things right now are blowing raspberries, grabbing your winkle rattle, watching your big sister, and grabbing your toes. 

Isla Rose,

You like your sister have not been the biggest fan of sleep. We’ve gone through this super fun (not really) trend of getting out of bed multiple times at night and marching into our room… you know, right after we’ve fallen asleep from taking care of Poppy. Luckily we’ve bought a little clock that turns green when it’s ok for you to get out of bed which has helped a ton. Unfortunately, you are pretty wishy washy with naps even though you desperately need them still. Here’s hoping this all resolves itself. 

Now the fun stuff… you retain information like I can’t believe. I’ll say a word once and somehow you have deciphered the meaning and starting using it in a sentence. It blows my mind! Because of that now I’m much more careful what I talk about in front of you and have stopped listening to NPR in the car. You’ve started using the term “all day” a lot which is completely adorable (“I eat snacks all day”, “Ellie poopy all day”, “I love you mama all day.”). You do this sweet thing during our night time routine where you make Daddy lay on the ground and then you proceed to tackle hug him. 

Your personality is much like it has been but with more things that intrigue you. You have lots of favorites. You love to dance and sing, ballerinas, smoothies, Mary Poppins is still high on your list, pretending to be a dinosaur/tiger, and you love to love on your little sister. You love to lay your head on Poppy’s chest, Poppy seems to love the snuggles, and this momma loves all the love. You got to play in the snow for the first time, and you had your first Christmas morning of waking up and seeing presents. A very magical morning.

I know I’m missing a ton of details from the last month, but sometimes you just have to write what you can remember and…. Let it go.





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