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Early February Josh, myself, Josh’s sister and brother-in-law all made the big trip to visit London. I have always wanted to travel to London; I pictured myself effortlessly fitting in with the locals and being ever so posh. I cannot say that happened, but in many ways it lived up to what I envisioned. You are immediately taken with the history and architecture which is a large part of what I love about traveling. You could eat or drink any kind of food or beverage you wanted (except drip coffee). You could shop any store you wanted (high-end, low-end, antiques, chains). The bummer about our trip was the weather (and desperately missing my darling girl). It was so nasty out: 30+ mile per hour winds and rain equals not fun, especially since Josh and I would walk everywhere we wanted to go if we could. The other bummer was that all the great houses (think Downton) were all closed for the season. I’d really love to go back some day in the spring or summer so that hopefully the weather will be a touch better and that we could see all those huge, gorgeous houses.

As per usual, I brought my camera along. I love hanging pictures from our trips around the house, instant artwork.

Where we stayed was very close to Buckingham Palace. While walking around our first morning, we stumbled upon the Horse Guards Parade… and we heard some brass instruments playing the theme song to Star Wars.


If you guessed the point of interest in this picture was the London Eye, you would be wrong. It would be the bagpipe player playing none-other-than the theme song to Star Wars. We had heard that song played earlier that morning, but there is something special about a bagpipe.


Josh requested I take a picture of this, you’re welcome.



While in Trafalgar Square, we stopped inside St. Martin in the Field. The church was gorgeous, but the best part was the completely unexpected concert we received by a violinist and pianist. It was some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. I only assume they were practicing for something, but both Josh and I were so grateful for that unexpected treat. We also went back to this church on Sunday for service, and I loved everything about it.







The clearly mandatory Abbey Road picture… we had to wait in line just to attempt a shot.


Westminster Abbey was more interesting than I possibly would have guessed. We went with a tour guide which I highly recommend, because there is so much you would miss otherwise.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this little recap! It’s been a full year of traveling for us, and I am looking forward to slowing down and just hanging at home.

  1. Ohhhhh Jill! So so glad you got to make a trip here! I absolutely LOVE this city!

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