Matcha Tonic
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I have given up something for Lent every year since I was in high school. It’s funny how things cycle because when I was younger, I picked things that were challenging for me at the time like “secular music.” Only Christian and country music for me. Yes, insert eye roll here. When I was in my twenties, occasionally I would pick something challenging like no unnecessary purchases, but most of the time I gave up stuff I was cool with giving up for 40 days. What’s the point right? This year I’m doing a double whammy of hard. I’m giving up two things that give me great comfort: alcohol and sweets. I love me my wine, and I love me my desserts (I’m sure if you looked at the recipe section this comes as no surprise).

It’s been about 2 weeks, and I have already learned quite a bit about my reliance on said items for comfort (and dropped the ball twice). If you’re a social media mama, post something about your rough day and likely one of your mama friends will insert the wine glass emoji. And it’s true! A nice glass of wine is very helpful for unwinding from a rough day, but what if you’re going to that glass of wine or that cookie instead of prayer. That was me. “I can handle this on my own,” I must have subconsciously thought.

Well, I really can’t, and this exercise has proven extremely humbling and stretching for me. Fortunately, I have a very thoughtful husband who started making me a delicious concoction as an afternoon pick-me-up after a particularly trying day. And it was a DELICIOUS Matcha Tonic.

If you aren’t familiar with matcha, it’s a green tea that is ground down to a powder that dissolves with liquid rather than steeping. I’ve been a big fan for years, but I’ve never tried it in a cold beverage other than smoothies. I am 110% hooked. Not only is matcha a source of caffeine that this sleepy mama needs, but it is also a known mood-lifter. So this drink is literally a perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

To be honest I look forward to having my sweets and wine come Easter, but this simple refreshing tonic won’t be going anywhere.

5 minutes
1 tsp matcha powder
5 cucumber slices
5 basil leaves
1 - 12 ounces cans tonic water (or diet tonic water)

Place the matcha powder, cucumber slices, and basil in the bottom of your glass. Using a muddler, muddle the ingredients together until it’s a chunky consistency.


Add the tonic water leaving enough room to add ice and stir until the matcha powder dissolves. Top with ice, sip and enjoy.


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