My First Rolls of Film – March & April
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Welcome to my first post all about my journey into film photography! Oh the lure of film…. it struck me way back when light and airy photography was the newest trend. Currently the trend is dark, contrasty, and desaturated so clearly this was awhile ago. Why film? Nostalgia plays a part for sure, but primarily the depth and beauty of the colors is unmatched. And as a highly sentimental person, the dreamy quality it gives an image hit me right in the heart strings. Also, I love photography and learning is fun; so why not try to learn a new medium of photography?

Why did it take me so long to learn? Well, to put it simply, I fear failure. Yep, I would have rather not learn than failed at it. How logically is that? Not at all, so I’m glad that I was encouraged to just try. As the actress Jameela Jamil says “trying is winning and everything else is just cake.”

I’m actually really pleased with my first rolls of film. Are they perfect? Far from it. In typical film newbie fashion, I under-exposed left and right which causes grain and muddy colors. I also had to get used to focusing manually which is harder than it sounds, but when I nailed it *Italian hand gesture* it was amazing! Lastly, I quickly realized that selecting a good film lab is just as important as taking good pictures.

It’s fun to go back through these to see how far I’ve come in eight short months, but also to see those two precious girls grow. My poor bittersweet mama heart. I’ll be sharing more of my film learning curve from the last eight months so check back here for more posts!





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