My First Rolls of Film – May
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Oh May, you marvelous month. In real time May felt jammed packed with school performances, dance recitals, and with this that and the other things, but looking through these photographs don’t make me feel over-scheduled or rushed. They make me feel grateful for so many sweet moments with family and friends. The month of May brought warmer weather, more trips to the farmers market, summer water activities, a visit from my Kentucky family, and a lot more time with the girls. Simple moments often make for my favorite pictures. There is a picture of Isla and Poppy snacking on some watermelon at the pool, and it’s one of my favorite pictures of them of all time.

With almost all of these pictures I was just shooting with a simple Pentax K1000 35mm film camera. It’s lightweight, compact, easy to tote around, and because it’s film I stay right in the moment with those I’m with. No overshooting, no scrolling through what I took to see if I got a good enough shot. It’s so completely satisfying. Oh! and when you get your film scans delivered in your email? It feels like Christmas morning.

Well, I think I waxed eloquently enough about my love of film. Enjoy.


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