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If you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should, I post often), you know that for most of this year I have challenged myself with taking a self-portrait every week. With anything that is constrained, you’re forced to look for creativity in new ways. It could be movement, color, emotion, light, subject matter, etc. While this has been a growing and expressive outlet for me, occasionally I would love to use this as a way to share things that I enjoy with you. First up, RMS Beauty.

Lipstick is my secret weapon. It helps me become whatever I feel like being at that time. Chic. Badass. Girly. Tough. Unstoppable. Bold.

Almost all of my makeup is by the brand RMS Beauty created by a veteran makeup artist Rose Marie Swift. After learning that many who work in the beauty industry suffer from medical conditions due to the toxins often found in cosmetics, she decided to make beauty healthy with cosmetics that are not only non-toxic and organic but healing and rejuvenating. I have been using RMS Beauty for over 5 years, and I am the biggest fan. If ever I get a compliment of my glowing skin and lipstick, I’m quick to tell them my secret weapons.

I like my makeup to look fresh and natural with the occasional pop of lip color.  Here are some of my favorites of this fantastic brand:

The Uncover Up with the foundation brush – One of my very first purchases, and I’ve never strayed. Depending on how much sun I’ve had I use either the “11” or the “22”

Luminizer X Quad – I started with the original Luminizer, but it’s fun to have options, right?

Buriti Bronzer – Perfectly sunkissed, and I’ve read you can use it for contouring if you’re into that.

Lip2Cheek – I am addicted, but my all time favorites are “demure” for blush and “beloved” for a bright red lip.

Lip Shine – My lips are my favorite feature so I love a good pop of color accentuate them. Try “sublime” for a little pop, and “sacred” for a big pop.

Vintage Cake Liner – On the very rare occasion that I use eyeliner, this is my absolute favorite.

I am in no ways a beauty or makeup expert, but I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this little something different. Go check RMS Beauty out, and if you love it tell your friends.



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