Project 365 – July
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We are in our final day of August so it only makes sense for me to share my pictures from July now, right? Oh good. Glad you agree.

July was full of some many great memories. We had visitors from California. Isla went to summer school to see if the school we picked out for the fall was a good fit (it was, shout out Wichita Montessori School). And obviously lots of water activities because, well, it’s summer!

What I want to remember about this month is that Poppy was our super water baby. She loved being in the pool and has no fear of the water (almost to a concerning level). She would happily put her face in the water, splash, be tossed in the air, and just chill at the pool. Plus, that little Poppy in her swimsuits. Heart melt. I’m always surprised by how quickly Isla picks up on things around her, and the things she latches on to. She started saying, “okie dokie alligator!” which I can only assume is a mash-up of “okie dokie artichokie” and “see ya later alligator.” Where ever she got it from, I love it and don’t want to forget it.


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