Scottsdale Family Vacation
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In Isla’s short life, she has traveled MANY places, but even with all that traveling we had yet to go on a family vacation just the three of us. Between visiting family, friends, and our trip to London, Josh didn’t have much vacation to work with, but we still very much wanted to have a special trip. We decided that we either needed to fly somewhere directly (not a ton of options flying out of Wichita) or drive somewhere close (also not many options).

A few times in high school my parents and I spent spring break in Arizona, and I remember really enjoying our time there. My sister and her husband also like to frequent Scottsdale and told us that the last place they went was wonderful. Decision made. We bought tickets to Phoenix and booked ourselves a place to stay at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale. And then…. Isla came down with a 103 degree temperature two days before we were to leave for our trip. I was sure we were going to have to cancel our first/last family-of-three vacation. The doctor however held out hope that she would make enough of a recovery for us to take our trip. Things got worse before they got better, but we decided that Isla was well enough to travel.

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t the easiest of trips. She was more fussy than usual, not as good at sleeping, and a bit pickier of an eater, BUT Josh and I both are so glad that we went. The place was lovely, and we got to make special memories with Isla before we welcome another sweet lady into our family. Even though it was RIDICULOUSLY hot we took lots of walks, and BECAUSE it was ridiculously hot we spent most of our time at the pool.

I am so grateful for my time in Scottsdale with my handsome husband and darling Isla. I will remember it fondly.














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